I often think about the relationship between a REALTOR® and their clients. Some agent advertising clearly dictates the way they see the relationship.

When I see ads such as “I sell the most homes” or “let me sell your home”, it tells me that the agent believes it’s a one sided relationship. Hire me and I’ll sell your home.

If these agents were tour guides for a mountain hike, the same message would be “hop on my back and I’ll get us to the top”.

I picture the relationship between REALTOR® and client to be more of a joint effort.

A REALTOR®’s role is to share their knowledge of the path, outlining the dangers, the areas that will require more care and attention and which paths are usually more successful than others. They provide all the proper tools, outline the map and often carry the heavy bags.

However, in the end, it’s still up to the client to take a few steps and climb the mountain.

We are advisors giving advice and guiding them down the path. When they reach the top, they have a sense of accomplishment and appreciate the guidance that got them there.

If you are carrying them on your back, it’s no wonder that you celebrate and take the spotlight each time you reach the top. But don’t be surprised when they blame you for any stumbles along the way.